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Working on a project, all of a sudden I realized that the only way I can select a drawing within a layout is by pressing CMD-A or by clicking the two diagonally opposite corners of a frame big enough to include the particular drawing. Even then, I ca...
It's probably something I'm missing but here it is anyway: Have all archicad lib objects lost their perimeter hotspots in 2D? For example, the bathtub in ArchiCAD 13 only has one hotspot, along its long side, in the middle; also another one at the dr...
I've got a project open. Then I close it and open it again. Why-oh-why does ArchiCAD 13 have to re-read the libraries? I didn't ask it to read any other libs in-between, so why does it bother? Thanks, people.
I've got this sliding door (D2 Pocket 12) and I've set it up to use the 2nd option in the Reveal / Wall Closure settings pane. In plan view, all is well. In 3D, though, the reference side's plaster strata doesn't turn into the door opening. Any tips?...
I don't mean, snap to the skin end-points; I mean, e.g. draw a new line which has to start or finish exactly _on_ an intermediate skin line. I know that I can snap to the skin lines at their end-points. But here's the deal: I have composite-structure...