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Is there a way to superimpose two images from the same point of view: one from Archicad and the other from Twinmotion?Thank you for your prompt answer.ArchiGreen
I realized that Twinmotion fails to import accurate Archicad models; even without "Optimize the geometry" selected. Bathtub have holes for example. How can I fix that?Thanks for your time.ArchiGreen
For some reason the "WALHOLE" comand is not working to make custom wall openings. Where can one chose, eg. slab, to be editable or not?
Can somebody on GS, please, fix the "crazy mouse". It is too fast, we have no control over it, we need precision when it comes to generate a morph and snap, on 3D, to a path to zoom in and out. Please ASAP. Thank you. Kind regards, archigreen
How can I recover Plot maker files (AC 6.5) to ArchiCAD 20? Thank you in advance.
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