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[api wish] Unable to set ghost story

Karl Ottenstein
Over on the wishlist, Rick Thompson wishes for a drop-down ghost story list on the toolbar to allow for quickly changing the ghost story:

A while back, Stuart James and others (myself included) wished for a method to toggle between the ghost story and the active story. (That is, with one click you would jump to what was the ghost story, with what was the active story then becoming the ghost.)

This latter wish would have saved me so much time on a recent project while doing structural framing that I decided to write a tiny add-on to do it... only to find that there is no way in the API to set the ghost story, only to query it. But, we can set the active story. So, I was able to jump from the active to the ghost... but wasn't able to make the previously-active story the new ghost.

Similarly, we 3rd parties cannot provide a quick/free solution to Rick's wish.

Graphisoft logged this request (#31) on September 13. I actually requested the ability to be able to read and write all story data, rather than just the subset we're able to modify at present. I'm posting this here to share the status with other developers and our dev forum wishlist:

Fellow developers: if you have other issues that you do not mind discussing in public, bring them up in a new [api wish] thread (per issue) on this forum and I'll keep the master wishlist populated and up to date. Otherwise, of course, communicate your needs to GS directly.

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