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Autodesk Marketing Fiasco?

Ralph Grabowski is covering the story of a well crafted marketing ploy by Autodesk and the announcement of AutoCAD 2006.

see: UpFront e-zine and AEC News
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Ben Odonnell
Thanks for the links.
Interesting, the attached image doesn't remind me of any thing though

One thing I do like though, is the on screen input. Slowly we see Revit like functions showing up in AutoCAD.

It would be nice to have the same sort of function/tool in ArchiCAD.

Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
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Not applicable
Seems like the command line interface is being ditched.

Not before time
Scott Davis
AutoCAD (and all AutoCAD based products) will have a new Dynamic Display, which can be used instead of the Command Line. But for those that have old habits that die can still turn the command line on.

Nice to see the new Text functions in AutoCAD, even if it is a bit like ArchiCAD (hey, we all learn from each other, right? ) Now I just need that text editor to be incorporated into Revit.....
Scott Davis
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