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Can I connect directly to exsisted Stable Diffusion?

chiaoi huang

I have use Stability Matrix to manage Stable Diffusion related softwares, which could maintain those model and update more effcient. Would it possible the would could directly to the existing SD, treat SD just like live connect to Rhino? That will solve some SD update problems.


This should be the correct approach. To connect to an existing sd server either automatic1111, comfy ui, sdswarm, sdmatrix, sdforge, sdnext there are so many add ons that we could take advantage of. Img2img, vid2vid. Just send to server for further development and enhancement. It can be done manually but yes you end up with so many installations and also diffusion models. 

Dell Precision 64GB RAM NVidia A5500, Wacom Mobile Studio 16 AC12-28, WIN

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