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Class library documentation missing in Dialog Manager documentation



I'm starting to explore creating dialog (ouch) and I feel like I have a problem with my documentation. I'm not able to explore the DG namespace and see the different class. When looking at the html file i can find them and look at them, but it's like they are not link to the main navigation.

I'm using Archicad 26 and it the documentation from the Archicad SDK 26. But I quickly downloaded the SDK 27 and had the same problem.

Are we not supposed to see them or I'm having a problem ?

Example when I open the documentation through firefox:
The menu is normal, i can click on the links but if I click on class library, a blank page appear (second image).

Firefox Menu.png  

Firefox Namespace DG.png

When using the help viewer application where I setup the documentation, when I click on class library I see this error

Help Viewer.png


Joel Buehler

strange. on my machine is evrything working. (SDK Version 27) do you have maybe a to long path?




a few things to consider:


1. i found the documentation very unhelpfull. i recommend to check out the DG example. it shows the capabillitys and usage of the DG class very well. 

2. when you say "ouch" i take it that the whole DG eco system is overwhelming. i was at the same spot. it just sucks. i built my whole gui with html & javascript. saves a lot of headache. the webbrowser example shows very good how you can implement a palette or a dialog as webbrowser. the webbrowser of archicad is the cef framework, which is very vell documentet.  


hope that helps a little bit. 


Hey ! Thank a lot for your answer

I tried to reinstall the SDK on a shorter path, both 26 and 27, none are giving me access to the class library, i will try to install it on another machine next week, thanks for the suggestion !

Yeah the DG eco system is very overwhelming for me, I'm using the DG_Test as examples but there is many things that are hard to gasp. I will consider building my GUI with html & javascript, but I don't have much experience with those either, but at least I would be able to find more examples online 🙂 .

Still looking for a solution for my problems for the time being !

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