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GDL DevKit Update


Greetings everyone,

It has come to my attention that the current GDL DevKit, version for Archicad 23, is encountering complications when attempting to compile for Archicad 27 and on Mac Silicone platforms.
I'm inquiring whether there's any information available regarding an update to address this issue or if there are any recommended workarounds for the time being.
Maybe @Viktor Kovacs knows more?

Thank you in advance for any insights or assistance you can provide.

Akos Somorjai



Please tell us why you need a GDL add-on. We started to phase that out with the introduction of background conversion a few versions back.


Thanks, Akos


Hi Akos,

I've taken over the development of an older addon, BIMmTool, where GDL objects communicate with the addon to get a language code.
Based on that language code the UI of the object changes.
Any suggestions on achieving this without a direct reliance on the GDL DevKit?

Thanks, Jonas

Hi Jonas,


OK, that's a good reason. Please drop me a mail to, I'll send you the details.


Best, Akos

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