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GUID of Properties

Hello everyone,

how do I get the GUID of AC built-in properties like element ID, Room number, etc..?
when I export a list to excel I only get the GUID of custom properties, but not the built-in properties.

The aim of the question is when I know the GUID of the property then I can change the values by importing an excel file.
for example, I can export a list with all the Element-IDs, add the GUID to the column, change the values of elements in excel, and import the file again in AC.

P.S: I am using AC 22 so I can't do that with Python.

best regards,

I had the same topic two years ago when I was trying to creat a door list.
Sadly such parameters don't have the possibility to be manipulated. Only properties created with a property manager get a GUID when can then be exported into a XLSX.

My plan was also to number rooms automatically in an Excel List. If the task if very time consuming, i would suggest to define new properties for Raumname and Raumnummer, which afterwards get a GUID.

Dear Graphisoft friends, is there maybe going to be an improvement about this section?
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Thanks agroni for your answer.
I already did what you suggested. But this has drawbacks such as objects inside a room don't recognize the new parameter as a room name.

I asked this question for AC22 after I noticed that in AC24 it worked. I did change built-in properties by imporing excel list. I got the GUID by using python, then I copied this GUID to excel, then imported new values to AC24
At the moment I am using AC22 in many projects. so I was wondering if there is a way to get the GUID of the built-in properties other than Python.
GRAPHISOFT has already solved the problem in AC24 by using python.
Viktor Kovacs
Property guids are accessible via the C++ API as well. You can access all of the property guids (even built-in and user-defined) with the functions below:
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