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Is there any Event on Drawing update finish?

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Hello everyone.
I try to print Layout into PDF via ACAPI. In 'Drawing Selection Settings' window there are 2 'Update Type' settings: Auto and Manual. When I open window of Layout item via ACAPI_Automate(APIDo_ChangeWindowID,...) control is returned immediately with no error. However window actually is starting to update. In this case empty drawing will be printed.
I've tried to subscribe to all events via ACAPI_Notify_CatchProjectEvent, but no update finish event is caught.

Is there a way to get Drawing update process finish event or any other means of getting updated drawing?

Thanks in advance.
Akos Somorjai
Hi Alexander,

No, there isn't any such event, because the the Drawing update works by posting an event to ARCHICAD's event queue, which means it'll execute at a later time.
Why don't you publish the drawings instead?

Best, Akos
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