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What does each development kit mean


Hello all,


We were newbies to ArchiCAD Add on development (ArchiCAD as well). We have managed to create walls, doors and few other elements through Add-On code. But taking a step back we were wondering what each development kit provided by ArchiCAD means and its use case/purpose.

  • 1. API development Kit -> to create an Add-On in ArchiCAD
  • 2. GDL Development Kit
  • 3. Library Development Kit
  • 4. Rendering Development Kit



  1. What does each of this kit mean and when to use what. Examples are much appreciated.
  2. Can we use something developed in library kit/gdl kit within an Add-On ?



Viktor Kovacs
  • API development Kit: An SDK to create Archicad functionalities using the general API. You can write import/export functionalities, access almost every data in your plan file, register your own user interface elements, and much more.
  • GDL Development Kit: An SDK to extend the GDL programming language with your own commands.
  • Library Development Kit: A set of tools that help you developing Archicad Library Objects (like doors, windows, objects, etc.). Provides tools for converting between text and gsm formats, packaging libraries, etc.
  • Rendering Development Kit: An SDK to develop rendering Add-Ons (like Basic or Cineware renderer). These Add-Ons integrate well with the Rendering and Surface Settings dialogs, and has access to APIs related to rendering.

Thank you @Viktor Kovacs . I have explored a bit on the API development kit since 2 months. Have understood that we can use it to create our own functionalities and provide it as an Add-On. Does the other kit help in developing Add-ons? Or are they supposed to be used else where.

Viktor Kovacs

Generally the API Development Kit serves all your needs, you only need to use the other ones if you would like to develop a specific functionality.

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