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Archicad Python API
About automating tasks in Archicad using the Python API.

Is it possible to automate creating of a 360° panorama pic using Python

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Dear friends,

I have to create about 150 360° VR panos in ARCHICAD...
The position of the spheric cam, the direction of the "start view" and the angles are already defined in a other app.

I want now import these informations, create a spheric cam and the start some kind of "batch Rendering" to let ARCHICAD create the 150 panos one by one...

Would this be possible using phyton (ARCHICAD24)?

If not, has anyone an idea, how to solve this using Twinmotion or an other Tool creating the panos?

Please give me a hint how I can manage this...

best regards from vienna,
Emre Senoglu
Hey Klaus, not sure about the python part but I can chime in on the twinmotion part - definitely doable. Once you set your cameras in TM all you would have to do is select the panoramas you want to create and then click on export. I've used 360 panos for presentations and they are indeed very impressive. You can then use a 360 pano viewer app on the ipad and use its gyro to rotate the view accoring to the direction you're facing. let me know if you decide to do it via TM and i'll happily prepare a quick video showing how.
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Dear Emre,
thank you for your reply.
I am looking for a solution to automate the creation of the "cameras", the viewpoints by feeding a list of i.e. "xyz-coordinates as campoint and a vektor/angle/.. for startview" and the pano-properties. So I do not have to set the cameras manually. This work is already done - in a normal 2D-CAD.
I search some kind of "import DWG-Block with attributes, create a ARCHICAD-Camera using information out of the DWG-Block-inctance"-solution (is there a "object-to-camera"-phyton possible?) then I can start a batch-render...

At the moment I have no idea how to solve this

best regards from vienna,

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