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Parking Space Numbering Python Script


Hi there


I'm a newbie just getting started with Python.

I'm working on labeling each object and numbering them using the Parking Space script. Currently, the script is numbered in a zigzag manner. I would like to change my current script to a numbering way as shown in the following picture.

I want to change the code, but it is not easy to change because the attached document only describes the configuration.


And in the current code, what the cluster, positer, firstpos, and lastpos libraries are are not listed in the API Python Wrapper, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me.


제목 없음.png

 This is the referenced code :

    Parking Space Numbering

Akos Somorjai



To have the numbering you'd like to achieve you'll have to modify the code which sets `elemPropertyValues`. (line 57-71 in the example script) That part contains the distribution logic, the configuration section serves a different purpose.


Best, Akos

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