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Python 24 -- Bug or Deficiency?

There was a previous topic in "Data Management" concerning Zones within zones. Archicad has no knowledge of any zones within zones either in schedules or in Python. However, this could possibly be done in Python using bounding box coordinates EXCEPT FOR ONE anomaly.

One can use the Python function of GetElementsRelatedToZones except that it does not pick up elements tagged as Equipment. That would include most Kitchen and Bath items. It does include any fixtures classified as Objects.

I believe this is because the function GetElementsByType will not return Equipment types even though Equipment and Objects are recognized as the same single type in Schedules.

If this is indeed a Bug or oversight, it should be corrected in 25. However, I might be wrong and there may be a second step to obtain Equipment in 24. SO i am asking the question- Is there another method to obtain Equipment GUIDs in Zones? All other elements such as Objects, windows, doors, walls, lamps, columns and beams seem to be relocatable within Zones in Python.

Need some Guidance??.

EDIT: I also note that objects like Basin Cabinet 24 are not returned in "acc.GetAllElements()"

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

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