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There is no Python panel


Hello everyone. There is no Python panel in AC24/25 RUS. The INT version has everything.
Yes, an experimental feature is enabled in the settings.


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Minh Nguyen
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Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you very much for the report!


This problem can happen if you have a custom Work Environment applied. Please try with a default one and see if the command appears.


Also, you can add the palette manually by navigating to Options > Work Environment > Menus, then sort All commands in alphabetical order. You will be able to search for Python palette and add it to your existing menus.


Please let me know if it helps with the issue!

Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
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Thanks. It worked. Now it looks like it is necessary to create a working environment from scratch on the AC25, and not import the old ones

AMD R7 2700 3.8@GHz | 32 Gb RAM | SSD | GTX 1050Ti

Never import old Work Environments unless you go through all the settings to make sure you are using the new features.

This includes add new commands to menus and tool bars as well as checking all the other settings.


If you import an old WE, you will only have what was contained in the old WE with regard to commands in menus an tool bars.

Other new settings will be set with default settings which you may want to check and change.



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I just have a lot of custom panels. It also takes a lot of time to re-tune everything

AMD R7 2700 3.8@GHz | 32 Gb RAM | SSD | GTX 1050Ti

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