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BIMX for microsoft strore ???

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The question is simple...
I've never seen (in France, building management/architects and so on) a professional with an Android tablet, NEVER, but they have BIMX app in android market, a Very few (architects mainly) have an Ipad (VERY FEW !!!!), mostly, we use Windows based computers (with touch screen in most cases) or tablets (Surface pro 4 i 7 as far i'm concerned)...but we have no touch screen BIMX app !!

The desktop BIMx app runs perfectly on my MS Surface but is not good at all for touch screen AT ALL, because you first have to click "Esc" before accessing the menus, buttons are small etc

Is there a chance that we have some day an app on the Microsoft Store ???

Excuse my french...

Happy new year still !!

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