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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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About BIMx (mobile, web and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.

Creating walk-through videos

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Hi- I am new to BIMx and am writing as a client of an architect, so don't have access to Archicad software apart from the desktop viewer.
I have been given the bimx file of my project and am able to view the model with the desktop viewer on my Windows 10 PC. I want to create walk-through videos, but am having some problems:
a) Recording a live walk-through session using screen capture software produces an annoying cursor in the middle of the image, even though this isn't visible when using the BIMx viewer. How to get rid of it? (I'm using CamStudio to record the session)
b) Is it possible to look down while flying level? I can't see any controls that allow this, since if you change your view you also change your trajectory.
c) Is there any way to create smooth walkthroughs rather than just recording things manually with jerky transitions? I suspect I'd need access to the full sofware which isn't possible at the moment. Any ideas welcome.
d) Finally - are there any third party BIMx hosting services that would allow me to view the model with a browser so I can embed it in a website? I know that's possible with archicad, but I don't have a licence, my architect isn't contactable, and so I need another way to make this work.
BimX was created to be seen on a iPad then on a android tablet so seeing a BimX on windows or OSX is not a good idea (possible but not the right way)
On iPad and Android you can do all you write : save a movie about your screen, look down when "flying", save points of view, launch a slideshow, measure, annotate, etc. ...

Here is all you can do :

Here is the bimX keyboard

And the way to share a bimX by any internet explorer :
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