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Editable zone parameter

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Hi there,

I do renovations that requires me to put legal area in floor plans. In some cases legal area does not match actual area. After this process I have to make a schedule that consists of legal areas.

I have tried putting custom text in zone stamp and making a schedule with custom text for the legal area. However changing custom text from schedule is not possible. So to write numbers becomes hard work.

Is there a way to add additional parameter to stamp and include it in schedule that could be manipulated from the schedule? It would be great if it would be numbers not text, for the software to make summation?

Thank you in advance.

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I have found out how to add a custom parameter in parameters list. I also made it as real number so after I add values in the zones settings schedule calculates total value.
However, I can not edit this number from the schedule, nor can I show that number in zone stamp (in zone settings, near content order I can not make the parameter to appear).

I suppose zone script has to be corrected. Could you please show/tell how?

Thank you in advance.

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