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IFC Type/Type Name

Are the IFC Properties <Type> and <Type Name> generated automatically on Export as a combination of Material and Thickness with no possibility to change them - or do I have missed something in the Settings?

Is there any chance to change this?


Hello JSN,

You have to say which Archicad you use.
If it is AC23 :

There are so much parameters that before having your solution you have to understand how an IFC is exported and what does it mean. These movies are short and great to understand how to do.
Christophe - FRANCE
Archicad Designer and Teacher
Archicad 15 to 24 FRA FULL
OS 11 Big Sur

"Quality is never an accident; it's always the result of an intelligent effort " - John Ruskin

Dear Christophe,

Thank you for your reply. You are right, maybe I have not expressed my position clear enough as I wrote this in a very rush. Moreover you are right, I am talking about AC23.

To come back to the question, I am quite familiar with the IFC Schema and how it works. Actually my question was pretty specific, so please let me know than if you know how to deal with it as I have not seen an option to do this - but maybe it was just a bit to hidden for me.

Your help is much appreciated,

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