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ArchiCAD17 to MagiCAD Comfot&Energy (RIUSKA)

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Having an issue exporting IFC from ArchiCAD17 to IFC to be opened in RIUSKA for energy analysis.

The problem resides in the fact that no window or door will be imported to RIUSKA once opened. (Also some space problems not mentioned here)

I tried different export options in ArchiCAD: I Checked
*Derived model data to export ->Space containment, Base quantities, IFC Space boundaries..., ArchiCAD zone Categories.

I also tried multiple import IFC options in RISUKA but nothing changed, I can actually see the windows (2D squares) in RIUSKA, but they are not in line with the wall. It seems that in Riuska you get the inner boundary of a wall but the window is "attached" to the outside of the wall and so in RIUSKA I can see the window but away from the wall as much as the wall is thick in ArchiCAD. Still no window is registred in RIUSKA under Doors and Windows of the construction.

1. What is the optimal translator in ArchiCAD since there is none named "Data exchange with MagiCAD C&E (RIUSKA)"
2. What are the optimal options to use in ArchiCAD for IFC export to be opened in RIUSKA. Am I missing something?
3. To you guys have some good case practises and advice for a new in the field BIM coordinator?

Thank you for all help!

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I got the windows and doors with "Improved junction Export" but lost all spaces and volumes.

The problem seems that, when choosing BREP in options I lose windows / not choosin BREP loses volume.

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Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to your question. But I want to ask you about the RIUSKA. I'm writing a master thesis about using BIM in energy simulations. RIUSKA web-site states that the program not only able to import IFC but to export also. I wounder if it is true. Can I for example change the model in RIUSKA, export the data to IFC and open it in ArchiCAD.
Will be very thankful to you for the answer.

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