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Door schedule - same doors do not show as single entry

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A colleague is having problems with the door schedule in that it is showing multiple entries for a single door type - I've set the door schedule to group uniform items as single entyr, and it was working until she has to change some door ID's due to design requirements. The new door D02 added has the same properties as the other D02's but they have separate entries.

I don't know if this is a bug or if there's some criteria that archicad is picking up that is different between the doors(have injected propeerties, deleted the door and replaced, etc) but it stays the same with 2 separate entries.

another possible explanantion is - In the field in scheme settings I've added custom text boxes so that we can manually type in specifications and these have been filled in (but with the same information) I don't know if this will change the way archicad 'sees' the door?

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door schedule result:
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In your example the doors D02 are different (opening direction)!
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oh. yes. so they are. but we did try and amend this - it makes no difference
Erika Epstein
The handing is different.
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Greg A_ Blunier
One has the "OPERATION" field set to "SELF CLOSING, SINGLE SWING" the other has that field blank.
If any of the field shown on the schedule don't match exactly, ArchiCAD will not group them together.
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Greg - I think this was the issue - I pointed it out to my colleague and we changed them to be the same, but the schedule still kept them separate. The next day my colleague said that the problem had 'resolved itself' so I think it was the text and when we changed them to be both the same it just had a bit of a glitch or something. I'll post on the topic further if I find that this was indeed the case.

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