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Export to AutoCAD Explodes everything

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Export to AutoCAD Explodes everything no matter what translation settings I use. Even the dimensions are reduced to a series of independent lines and number.

In summary,

1, I have created a project with layouts containing the GA's etc.
2, I go to the publisher section of Navigator and choose the save location.
3, I then go to Layouts and select AutoCAD as the save format.
4, I choose "For Further editing"
5, In the translator section I choose AutoCAD 2013, Model Space, and Convert complex elements into blocks.
6, I select publish selected item and open it in AutoCAD after.
7, In autoCAD I see the drawing ok, but it is in one big block.
8, I note that the block is not to 1=1mm scale, but rather seems to be a multiple of the drawing scale, such that if the drawing is proposed to be 1:50 scale, then I need to scale the drawing by 50 to get it to 1=1 scale for use in AutCAD.
9, I double click the block and it seems there are two blocks to choose from (one is the title block, and the other is the drawing), so I select the drawing and open it In block editor.....

and everything inside the block is exploded down to single lines. I have seen other saves done were each wall is grouped separately, so I know its possible not to have everything completely exploded.

So I tried all the other translators in the same way, "for editable import" "For as is output" etc... and for each of these I tried "Convert complex elements to blocks" "Explode complex archicad elements" etc but all give me the exact same results. Even tried different PCs with different installs of ArchiCAD and all do the same thing.

Can anybody see what it is I am doing wrong, or advise what is the normal route, or if I am supposed to get this exploded result no matter which translator I use???

Thanks People...

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