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How does the dxg/dwg export translator place drawings in the model space?

m brun

When exporting a layout with cropped view/full view of drawings in modelspace:


- How does the translator determine the order those drawings are drawn?


- How does it decide precise placement of said drawings? I discovered that in "full view" mode plans become aligned in the y axis regarding the origin, but can't understand how the distance between drawings is decided. Furthermore, section cuts also appear aligned but below the origin line, and at arbitrary distances.


We would like to have a way to determine or at least consistently predict how the drawings will appear in modelspace. Have been looking for a long time about this but couldn't find an answer.




As an example: all of this drawings come from the same section cut, only with different layer combinations and graphic overrides. The distance between them is all over the place.


Thank you.

Claudio Lima

Hi M Brun !


same problem here..., can't find any logic....

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