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Layers efficiency and intuitive buttons devs suggestion?

Patrick Stimpson

in the layers tool there are six buttons

select all -deselect all

show - hide 

lock -unlock


in whatever order


First, the buttons could all be on /off toggle buttons instead of a button each - that would cut the number of buttons to 3.


But also 

as it is ctrl A will select all and clicking the lock or eye will toggle all (or a singe layer if just one layer is selected.)


in summary we only need 3 buttons if you like buttons.

If ctrl A toggled select all /deselect all - no buttons would be required at all.


This would mean that the filter, new, print  and delete buttons could go along the bottom consistent with the layer combinations side- freeing up space for the layers description or making the dialog box smaller




You are correct and if you want to take the logic further it also has implications in the Layer Combination settings. I believe GS are aware of this and the Layers interface is due a makeover, just not sure when...

Your main point though is not unique to layers and I still get irritated even after 25 years by inconsistencies in the tool settings between toggle buttons and exclusive select buttons for similar functions. The mind is looking for a toggle button, but you actually need to click the one next to it. I do wish GS would assign some resources to refining and eliminating redundancy in the interface. Archicad is an awesome piece of software but it could be so much easier to use if it had a streamlined interface that retains the same functionality.

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Barry Kelly

I am not sure those buttons are needed at all.

As you say, CTRL+A selects all and once you have your selection, you can just click on the icons in the list.


However, if there are buttons, then I think the separate buttons are better than a toggle button.


Say you have 5 or 6 layers already selected.

With a toggle button, depending on it current setting,  you would have to possibly press the button twice.

If already set to deselect all, you would have to press it once to select all to then press again to deselect all.

Same for lock/unlock and show/hide.

With the separate buttons you just select the one you want.

But as you mentioned you probably don't need these buttons at all.




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Jan Vlach

I would really, really love if the control/command+A would toggle between selecting and deselecting all. Other than that, it would be also great if we could get parent layers as they have in illustrator. it would make navigating complex templates so much better.

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