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OBJ Import?

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I would like to import some .OBJ models into ArchiCAD. Is there a way to do it and get a smooth and clean looking GDL Object with discrete materials? I don't care so much about the 2d symbol, this is for using better furniture that what passes (barley) for furniture in the ArchiCAD library.
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Hi Guys!

Any update?
Some time has passed, so maybe a new solution appeared.

I am trying to import .OBJ file into Archicad.

Hope to hear from you soon
I would like to share my experience about importing 3D files into ArchiCAD. The problem with 3DS mesh import with add-on, that included in goodies package, that it can convert all surfaces soft or sharp. There is no determination - which surfaces are soft based on angle between those surfaces. This why this Add-on is actually sucks.
From another formats, that ArchiCAD can import - the best result is DAE format. It has fixed scale - for example if you need to export model to 3D package like Blender or Max, proceed some changes and import back - with DAE you never miss the scale. It also much better then Sketchup files import. Converted Sketchup files look ok as library part, but if you explode it into morph it shows all surfaces with triangulated contours.
But, the best solution currently in this world is third party Add-On called Modelport for ArchiCAD. It supports majority of the 3D files and imports them without any troubles. Highly recommend to use Modelport - it solves all the problems.
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I was desperate to import the OBJ file, so I finally found a solution.
I converted the file to 3ds on-line and than used mentioned before Goodies plug-in to proceed.

Thank you for your response

I think GS should do something, and fast, they advertise  AC 25 also as software for interiors, now we can gereate texturex in sections and plan views..."now you can work faster" - yes on walls, and rest of models for interiors ?. Why we can't import OBJ or FBX files. I know we can do that in Twinmotion. But that is not a solution if we want to design interior. AC objects are good, but not for professional inerior design. Also working on textures is from stoneage. Also viewing 3 d model in library preview (for more complex model) is very something with that PLEASE...HEARE US...HEARE PEOPLE THAT WANT USE YOUR SOFRWARE...AND PAY FOR UPDATE !

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