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Schedule Export to Excel - Problem?

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I can easily generate (onscreen) a structural columns Schedule and other fairly large schedules for a project.

I can easily export several hundred objects to Excel 2007 via Save As... in AC14. However, for _larger_ lists, say 4221 structural columns, something chokes. I cannot tell whether it's AC or Excel. Excel opens promptly and creates the worksheet tab with the appropriate name. Then, the wait begins.

I've waited up to two hours on a number of occasions, and had no results other than a zero-K byte output file. The system does not hang.

The same schedule, same data, same target directory, except Save As ... to a tab separated text, occurs in 20 seconds or so. The resulting file opens properly and rapidly in Excel 2007.

The same schedule, same data, same target directory, except Save As ... MS WORD 2007 .doc, takes about 30 minutes. Does anyone else have similar experiences? A cure?
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Hi didrik,

Is this problem on a mac and using AC14, by any chance? The java update for mac broke XLS exporting apparently. See these threads for an update to fix -

Of course, if you put your basic computer specs, operating system, and ArchiCAD version in your signature it would help others to answer these type of questions!!
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Hi Peter,

No, this is on Windows Vista Business-64. All updates current afaik. At first glance, it seems to be an output-size thing -- although that could be caused or exacerbated by Java.

Thanks for your interest.
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