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Show Operable Window in schedule

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I would like to create a window schedule that shows which panels are operable, by default both panels in a double panel casement are operable, while I would like one of them to be fixed.

Furthermore, there doesn't exist a three pane casement, I'm using a sliding window for modeling it right now.

Do I have to resort to creating a custom window? I've never tried it so I'm not sure if it's worth taking the time. An easy way for me now would be to manually edit the generated window views using an image editor, but I wanted to find a better solution.

Makes me wonder why this feature wasn't built into the window settings... or did I miss it? I couldn't find anything relevant at the help center.

Thank you for helping me look into this... before 2020
Yes, sometimes windows do not exactly fit to what we need.
The easiest way to fix this problem - to choose the window that looks very similar. And after manually annotate the window drawing in schedule - add lines, fills, text, dimensions etc.
In Schedule preview drawing has blue button "annotate", that appears when you click on the drawing. I think it's better to draw everything in ArchiCAD instead of using external image editor application.

You can create your own window. It's not so complicated. You need to draw from slabs your window on the floor plan - laying flat. And after select the model and use command Libraries and Objects / Save Selection as / Window
The main problem with custom made window is that you cannot really stretch it. You can stretch it, but frame will stretch too. In that case you need to create fixed size window objects.

Another good life hack - is to model only sash but use the main frame of ArchiCAD window. In that case your custom modelled sash can have more divisions and sashes. It also keeps all additional elements of standard window - cill, wall closure etc., standard parameters like fire rating and acoustic rate. In that case you need to save your model as Custom Window Sash. File name will automatically appear in drop-down list of custom sash in window settings.
Like so many other posts on windows and doors I have to unashamedly point you in the direction of our Infinite Openings tool:

It is so flexible that you can model the exact functionality you require from operable and fixed panels. Although there is a cost to this commercial 3rd part library, it is set to be significantly less than the financial benefits achieved on a single small residential project by a single Archicad user.

Creating window and door objects that cover every configuration, even of standard types, would be an extensive application in itself. Hence to expect this inside of Archicad is a little unreasonable, even though Graphisoft have delivered just this on many of their tools (curtainwall, stairs, railings). This is why I have been building GDL objects for the last 17 years. Infinite Openings actually started as Swift Openings back in 2008 and transformed into Infinite Openings in 2017. So it has years of development behind it and is utilised by some of the largest Archicad firms in world.

I have focused on creating an object that provides far more benefit than just the ability to create exactly what you want. Every object is connected to a series of catalogues that allow you to control every element in the project from a signal instance through manipulating the catalogue definitions. Infinite Openings is a management tool as well as the most geometrical capable glazing object (no add-on just GDL objects). I have also just added this ability to our joinery tool, though I haven't released these updates yet as I only completed it last week.

let me know if you would like to trial the library.
Creator of Cadswift's parametric GDL libraries
Creator of Infinite Openings and Component Catalogues
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