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trouble with cadimage wall coverings at corners

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I am having trouble with connecting the cadimage wall coverings at corners. I have drawn two walls and used the intersect tool on them to create the corner, but the coverings dont seem to follow. No matter what I do - it doesnt seem to display how i want it to. Some of the coverings i have done connect at the corners fine, so wondering why some dont? it makes the elevations look a bit strange

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Is there another wall (possibly on a layer which is turned off) which could be interfering here?

You can select the faulty covering and stretch the mitre angle with the pink hot-spot
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I just checked by turning on the layers and there is no other wall interfering. When I click the pink nodes to stretch out the covering there seems to be a gap between the wall covering.
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The pink node on the corner of the wall will stretch the covering beyond the extent of the wall, but the other pink node OUTSIDE the covering (shown with arrow, below) will adjust the angle
Gerald Hoffman
It seems that this sometimes happens when you pick up parameters from one covering to another. It does not seem to be consistent so a little hard to trace but I have had this happen too. Just adjust the corners as shown by s2art and you should be OK.

I have had some complex wall conditions where it is not possible to get the result I want but not too often.

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I have had this happen, i think i delete the covering, check the wall to wall connection & re-apply the covering

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