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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Discover the new and improved Developer Hub!

Dear Developer Hub members,


We are excited to present the updated Developer Hub! What’s new? Check it out.

The latest version of the Hub includes new boards and a news channel that will enhance your user experience. Here are the details:


Developer Insights

This dedicated news channel keeps you up to date on Graphisoft's developer solutions.


5 new boards provide a more focused discussion on specific API product aspects:

  • Archicad C++ API
  • GDL
  • BIMx API
  • BIMcloud API
  • Archicad Python API


What's improved?


1. A dedicated board to keep members updated on solution related news has been added.

In the previous Developer forum, we pinned our latest solution announcement at the top of the forum. 

Now we consolidate all our solution-related news articles in the "Developer Insight" board. This way, members can easily subscribe to stay up-to-date.


2. A clearer and more flexible categorization provides a better navigation experience.

In the previous Developer forum, we used labels to categorize the discussions by product aspects. In the new Developer Hub, we created more boards to divide the topics more obviously. Within each board, members can use labels to indicate the detail category or categories of their post. This brings clarity and flexibility. For example, if a post is primarily about C++ API, it goes in the "Archicad C++API" board. If the post is also related to GDL, members can label it with "Libraries (GDL)" within the "Archicad C++ API" board.


We deeply appreciate the efforts of all the members who have contributed and inspired our developer community. We are continuing the journey to improve our Developer Hub. Please stay tuned on our future updates. Thank you for being a valuable part of the Developer Hub!