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How To: Get Started Using the Development Kit with Visual Studio 2022

Have you struggled with add-on development in Visual Studio 2022?

Incorporating the Development Kit alongside Visual Studio 2022 requires a preliminary understanding of the underlying toolsets and configurations. This article provides a helpful workaround for getting started.

Both Archicad 25 and Archicad 26 were built with the v142 toolset. Therefore, add-ons should be built with this specific version as well. This means that a manual installation of the v142 toolset is needed before you start building Archicad add-ons with VS2022, given that Visual Studio 2022 defaults to v143.


To manually install the v142 toolset, follow these steps:

  1. Access the "Tools" menu within the Visual Studio interface.
  2. Select the "Get tools and Features" option.
  3. Within the "Individual components", check the "MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools (v14.29-16.11)".
  4. Click the "Modify" option to start the installation.
  5. Specify the preferred toolset for the "cmake" project generator. You can do this by calling cmake with the following parameters: cmake -T v142.


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