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Object with 2D symbol for plan and section/elevation




I was wondering if there is a way to create an object in which you can set a specific 2D drawing for the plan-view and a specific 2D drawing for the section/elevation view. For example a tree, so that when we place a tree in plan, we also see a nice 2D symbol in the elevation/section. This to avoid the 3D representation you know see when you put a 3Dmodel tree and also to avoid to have to put 2D objects in plan AND separately in section.


Hope it's clear and already thanks for all the help!


Barry Kelly

Elevations and sections are 3D views - not 2D.

They just happen to be flat and you can't rotate the model.

They are just a special 3D view.


So if you want to see a 2D symbol in elevation, you must place a 2D symbol in the elevation.

If you place an object in the plan, you will see the 3D version of that object elevation.

In the 3D script of an object, it is not possible to script a flat 2D image that will always show in any elevation.

There are 'billboard' tree objects that are images on flat cards, that can rotate automatically to face the camera.

But they will not rotate to face an elevation and they show a image (jpg) and not a line type symbol.




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