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Archicad 25 freezing when rendering


When I try to render my project without the terrain mesh, it renders fine, taking a few seconds on low settings. When I add a terrain mesh unde the building, the rendering process will stop after around 50 seconds, and my PC will freeze, requiring a reset with the power button. I tried rendering after removing the mesh of the plot, but keeping the road and sidewalk mesh, and it worked fine again, completing the render in a few seconds. Only when I add the mesh under the building it seems to crash. This also happened on Archicad 24, I updated it yesterday.


Karl Ottenstein

Which rendering engine on which operating system, and what are the specifications of your computer - RAM and graphics card model/VRAM amount?

Is it possible that you are using CineRender and have selected a 'real' grass surface for your terrain?  Could try again with a different surface and/or different render settings.


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