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Cinerender - Surfaces not showing correctly At ALL


I am trying the Cinerender, and surfaces are not illustrating even remotely close to what I have drawn At All. For example. I have a gravel walk illustrated in Archicad. The surface/ building material is Gravel in my model, when run through Cinerender, it illustrates as dirt.

Similar issue with siding. I have a dark grey vertical wood siding in the model, in Cinerender, it's light grey horizontal siding.

archicad image.pngcinerender image.png
Barry Kelly

The settings you see in the 3D window of Archicad are either Basic (was vectorial engine) or Hardware Acceleration (was OpenGL engine).

These materials have simpler settings than the Cinerender engine.

They can be the same or they can be completely different.




Modifying Basic will modify Hardware Acceleration (and vice versa) but it will not modify Cinerender settings.

Likewise modifying Cinerender will not modify the others.


When you go to the Cinerender settings you have the choice of matching Basic from Cinerender or Cinerender from Basic.

I recommend you match Basic from Cinerender, otherwise your advanced Cinerender surfaces will get only Basic settings.





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