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Details keep defaulting to Core only - can't permanently change the section source structure display


Has anyone else had issues with details which keep reverting to being Core only?


My view map sections have the "Partial Structure Display" as Entire Model, but when viewing details they keep changing to be Core only. I understand that the "Manual-rebuild" details have their Structural Display set by their source, but I can't seem to permanently change the source settings. 


If I clone the Details folder, it shows that the source is set to Without finishes but I have no option of changing it by default for the project. 


It means that whenever I rebuild dimensions or other composites into the detail, I have to confirm the message about the discrepancy between viewpoints (image attached), the new items appear for a moment, but then when navigating to a different view and back they disappear. Extra odd because I thought once a view was rebuilt they would stay. Even copying the dimensions to be static doesn't help and they're still disappearing.


I imagine this could be a bug?



Are you redifining the saved view after you make the changes?



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That's what's weird, I set the view to 'Entire model', rebuild and the dimensions appear, then clicking "redefine with current settings" makes the view switch back to 'Core only' and it disappears again. 

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