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Dimensions/Labels - Troubleshooting Guide

Katalin Borszeki

Known Issues

Labels may be dislocated when opening an ARCHICAD 19 project in ARCHICAD 20

Affected version: 20 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 201188 Due to a fix in ARCHICAD 20 which corrects the position of mirrored and associated Labels could result in incorrect Label positions when opening AC19 files in AC20. This issue may happen to associated and mirrored Labels which have been manually repositioned after Mirroring in ARCHICAD 19. In AC20 we corrected the original issue which may cause these repositioned Labels to dislocate.

Dimensions of view-dependent hotspots can slip off by switching between views with different Model View Options


Dimensions placed onto objects that looks differently depending on the selected model view options can jump from the dimensioned hotspot to another. If a hotspot ID exists on a view and not on the other, dimension will find the closest hotspot on a view where its not visible.


Hotspots of the objects should be displayed on each view not to force the dimensions to look after a new hotspot.


Objects should be scripted to have same ID on each view, so the connection between the hotspot and the dimension remains.

Gravitated Level Dimensions are Wronged by Renovation Status

Affected version: 17| Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 167864


Level dimensions placed with Gravity to Slabs turned on disassociate themselves from the elements they should stay gravitated to. These elements could be a shell, slab or a mesh. The described phenomena happens only if the renovation status is changed to To be demolished or New BEFORE the level dimension is placed. If the renovation status is set AFTER the level dimension is placed, the problem does not occur.


While this issue is being solved, it is advisable to place level dimensions only after setting the renovation status of the element that the dimension is gravitated to.
NOTE: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD18.

Cut plane sensitivity of dimensions

  • Dimensions relate to distinguished points of elements. In case the position and/or the geometry of the elements change, the associative dimension is naturally checked and refreshed.
  • A change in cut plane location can result in a special occasion when the dimensioned point is not alive any more. In such cases the check process might result in the loss of the associative dimension since the point associated does not exist any more.
  • This reasonable loss might cause an anomaly in the case of a plan where views with different cut plane heights are present and certain points only appear in one of the views.
  • Understandably objects that are fragile to this phenomenon are ones that have multiple different dimensionable points at different heights, curtain walls or angled walls. With straight walls the problem does not come up.
Example of loss of dimension with angled wall:
  • the dimension is picked on storey 0
  • stepping to storey 1 the cut plane height is different
  • when stepping back to storey 0 the dimension is lost


When check dimension is called, AC interprets certain elements not to be cut and thus releases the dimension attached to the cut status.


In case of the presence of such complex objects the best practice is to use the same cut plane height across the plan file.

Relationship between objects and dimensions


You have a plan with some object placed with Dimensions. When saving the plan this object isn't included in the active library (it will be a black or green dot shown in the plan as missing object). We reopen this file and add the objects again that was missing before and we will notice that the dimensions are misplaced.


Since AC12 there have been some changes. Now at opening plans there is a re-count of the dimensions as well. In case of missing objects the dimensions are fit always in the centre of the object.


Add the objects into the library and re-save the file. After reopening it the dimensions will be in the original position.

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