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Door Classification: Openings: Door Frame Material (options too limited)


In AC24, the Storefront Double Door, Transom 24:

The Door Classification in Openings has two similar options for selecting materials. I would like to use this on the door schedule.


The tags are under Archicad Classification - 2.0 for Door


then under Openings, the two options I am talking about are:


Door Frame Material

Door Leaf Material


Most of the time in the USA, storefront doors and frames are Aluminum. But Aluminum is not even an option to choose for the "Door Frame Material". There is only HM, Wood, NA, Undefined. But the "Door Leaf Material" has these options; HM, SC Wood, Alum / Glass, Undefined


I do not know how to edit the options. I would do it if it was easy. How can I get the frame material to show "Alum" as it is the most common material for choice in commercial buildings. 


Am I missing something or did Graphisoft?


Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 8.41.32 AM.png

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Barry Kelly

The Properties you can edit with the Property Manager.

I am guessing that property is an 'Option Set' , which you can add new options with the 'Options Setup' button.


The thing is, this will be for this job only.

Make sure you update your template for all future jobs.

You can Export/Import properties from one file to another as well.




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