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Revision Management Question

Craig Bagley
My USA version of AC20 has an autotext entry in Revision Management I can't find any explanation for. It appears in the New Issue dialog box, and the Revision History objects:

"Hide Triangle (leave blank in display)"

The autotext entry was added with AC19, USA version. At the same time, a new panel was added to REVISION HISTORY SETTINGS, called "Additional Display Options", and the autotext is found in several pop-ups.

See screen captures.

Don't know if the entries found as shown in the screen captures are meant to work together or not.

It suggests to me that I can delete the triangle marker for individual Issues by leaving the text field blank after the autotext; otherwise, the marker shows. But I can't get it to work that way. Checking/unchecking "Show Marker around Revision ID if:" controls the appearance/disappearance of the triangle marker for the entire column, but I can't then get individual Issues to "Hide Triangle" in the New Issue dialog box. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?

Ideally, I'd have a blank entry for the First Issue, and then triangle markers for all Issues above the First Issue.

AC20 USA/Build 8005
15" MBP, 16 GB RAM
macOS 10.13.6
The triangle marker in Revision History object can be shown on the table only. It's not related to revision clouds markers. The selection in dialog of New Issue to show markers of latest revision only is related to revision clouds.