About building parametric objects with GDL.

GDL learning , anf future of this technology



My gdl skills are equal to 0, i have tried to understand hiw it works, like almost of Archicad users, i failed, 

I believe nothing can be done without a good guidance,  and the gdl side isn't explored by almost of users, 

There is no serious youtube videos that explain well how to create gdl objects that can be used for daily work, even the famous Archicad youtubers avoid this subject, 

Graphisfot didn't introduce any good video series about this subject, is that a choice from the company or they just  don't rely on gdl for the future and they will abandon it, 

How a core future of Archicad is ignored line that ?

AFAIK, almost of Archicad commands turn around gdl, it should be introduced well to the community, 

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Well, considering it's kind of the only way to make parametric objects. It's really hard to understand or accept.

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