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About building parametric objects with GDL.

GLD scripts for Ellipse and curved line

Mike Rosado

Hello All,


Pretty new here to GDL scripting and could use some help with ellipses and irregular curved lines. I have been creating/editing objects for my firm for the last two years, and consistently get hung up on these curves. I believe I understand the trigonometry involved (theta/arcTan/Cos/etc.) in forming these curves, but I don't know fully how to implement them correctly in a script/command. 


I assume for 2D shapes one would just use one of the POLY_ commands? Does anyone have any super simple scripts they may have done (ellipse or curved line) to view as an example? 




Maybe this things are also of interest for You:

dont be afraid of the language - just try it.


These are all examples, how to work with circular-geometries..

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