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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Visible Layer Object_Global

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Hi fellow GDLers,
I need to script an object that is only able to perform SEO operations only if it is in a visible layer.
I know how to get the SEO feedback from the object. I just need to get the "visibility" feedback.
Is there any global or request that tells the object that it is visible or in a visible layer?
Thanks in advance,
There is a GLOB_LAYER parameter which returns the name of the Layer. Though I have never used it
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Thanks Kristian. I was aware of the GLOB_LAYER parameter. I am looking for a a way to check if the layer is on or off in the current view.
To be more clear: I am trying to create an object with a specific geometry that can be SEOed regularly, but I only want the SEO operation to be visible if the object is in a visible layer. If the layer is off, the SEO operation is not visible.
Dominic Wyss
Hi Braza

GDL can't read on/off Status of Layers. Try MVO in combination with GLOB_SEO_TOOL_MODE for your Object instead.
So you can have different representations i.e. for section and rendering.
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Hi Dominic,
I had a hunch that this would be the answer... Just checking for some new global parameter since my GDL good old days.
Yes. The custom MVO and GLOB_SEO_TOOL_MODE can do the trick. I will give it a try.
Thanks a lot!
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