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ArchiCAD Versus Vectorworks


When a former classmate, who got an AIA Medal for Academic Excellence in Architecture, suggests that I stay with ArchiCAD 😀:




How about you? What do you think of ArchiCAD versus Vectorworks?

Martin Luther Jules
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I didn't use vectorworks, but from youtu e videos, tutorials, and some webinars, i can say archicad is much better, 

And archicad would be number 1 if developpers focus only and exclusively on architectural tools, for daily work, a lot of users shares this through with me

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Yes a very good topic for discussion. I got a demo version of VW2011 and Revit for testing at the same time. I couldn’t figure out how to get started with VW but I could with Revit because it apparently plagiarised its distance guides system from Chief Architect.

What I don’t like about VW:

1) No more perpetual licensing.

2) Cost is very high for my region.

3) No distance guide system yet.

4) Looks like a very steep learning curve.


What I like about VW:

1) A good fit for my industry.

2) placing walls in rectangular mode ignores existing walls.

3) Made great advances very recently like the fence tool etc.

4) 3D modeling control (Gumball Tool in the 3D window).


What I like about AC:

1) Archicad is still perpetual if we want it to be.

2) Archicad is well supported in my region.

3) The magic wand tool function.

4) Coverts PDF’s to lines. 
5) Has a fine level of precision in 3D modeling.

6) Is 3D BIM collaboration friendly.

7) Layout drawings and views are well organized.

The list goes on but unless you have used VW professionally you can’t really make a good comparison. If there are any here who have used both please comment for our benefit.

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