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Just passing by to say hi.... that is, if someone can actually see the message, because im still completely disoriented with the new design but maybe its only me.   I will still try to get a grip on it and undestand it better before comenting. I just will say this though:  it is my personal belief (not without evidence based on experience) that the like system ruins everything it touches and make us lazy, tricking us into believing liking equals comenting.  



Karl Ottenstein

Glad you activated your account and all old content here, @jl_lt   You'll find several threads where people are discussing the pros and cons of this new platform in this What's New form.


Having lots of people post "Me too", or "+1" drives me crazy ... so in that sense, the "Like" button is great.  If you agree with something, or find it useful, click the button.  What I hate about "like" buttons is when people actively solicit "likes" ... but the admins are prohibiting that behavior.


Welcome back.


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Thank you Karl!  cheers!

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