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GDL: wallniche & inline defined materials

Just to confirm: in the current version of wallniche it is not possible to use custom made inline scripted materials.Fighting with it...and always get the greyish something, so it works as a first version of the cutform.So it would be a good idea jus...

Dynamic Array/Sequence tool

Construction elements are very often spatial configured in arrays with the implication that the individual elements shouldn't be regarded as mere copies without any other relationship but as members of a clearly defined system. Columns and beams, raf...

thesleepofreason_1-1632431016931.png thesleepofreason_2-1632431086395.png thesleepofreason_0-1632432064875.png thesleepofreason_5-1632433553706.png

Add-on <-> GSM : communication

HiCan an Archicad add-on and a GSM object communicate with each other? I simply need the GSM to check the state of a variable in the (C++) add-on, and vice-versa.Thanks.

Teamwork - Queue commands

It would really help if it was possible to queue up teamwork commands, such that once conditions that were preventing a teamwork operation resolve, a queued command such as send and receive, or release all, automatically occur straight away. Right no...

Visual Property & Classification Manager

I would suggest a different approach for Property and Classification management. Architects tend to be more visual oriented, so I would like this management to have a visual, grasshopper like UI, which would also have an integrated IFC property mappi...

Miha_M by Expert
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Python Version

Does anyone know if the hew release of Python 3.10 will run with the latest version of the Archicad Python API -- 25.3000. The new release is due out in October and i am particularly interested in using the new "match" feature. I know i could just wa...

Zone Wall Relation

Hello!Is there any way for a zone to know the coordinates of the surrounding walls' surface polygons openings included?Best wishes to y'all!

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