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The Content Structure and Navigation on Graphisoft Community

Emoke Csikos

Let us give you a little overview of the content of this Community and help you navigate the platform and find what you are looking for.


The structure of the content


Graphisoft Community hosts two different functions: the forum (previously known as Archicad Talk) and the Archicad, BIMcloud and BIMx related knowledgebase articles (that were previously on Help Center).


All content, forum discussions and articles are both assigned to one of the five main categories. So, under each category you can find two different types of content: knowledgebase articles and forum discussions. In some categories the knowledgebase articles are further assigned to one of the subcategories. So, this is how the content is structured:

  • Design category
    • Design articles
    • Design forum
  • Document and Visualize category
    • Document articles
    • Visualize articles
    • Document and visualize forum
  • Collaborate category
    • Teamwork articles
    • Data exchange articles
    • Project management articles
    • Add-on articles
    • Collaborate forum
  • Setup and License category
    • Let’s get started! (articles)
    • Setup and license articles
    • Setup and license forum
  • Get Together category – this one is a bit different
    • What’s new? (latest posts)
    • Building Together Challenge – this is changeable, here we will add various items
    • Wishes forum
    • Developer forum


main catgories.png






You can see the content structure unfold at the bottom of the page:


page bottom.png






Navigating on Community


You can start navigating along three different paths:


1. Go to the Category page 


go to category page 4.png







by clicking on the main category name in the top main menu you'll get to the page of the category:


category page.png


















Once you are on the category page, you can 

  1. Go to the articles of the chosen category or
  2. Go to the forum of the chosen category or
  3. Discover the featured articles of this category or
  4. Under Hot topics, view the posts of the forum board. Choose whether you want to see the most recent/most viewed/most commented/most liked posts


2. Go directly to the articles of a chosen category 


go to article page.png







by clicking on the articles menu item in the main menu at the top of the page you'll get to the articles of the category:


articles page.png







3. Go directly to the forum of a chosen category 


forum icons.png





by clicking on the category icon on the home page of Community you'll get to the forum board of the chosen categoy:


forum page.png








You can always check where you are in the content structure of Community by taking a look at the breadcrumbs navigation under the search bar:


breadcrumbs navigation.png


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