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Dear All,

The Archicad 27.1.0 Update is now available for Full and Solo versions. We have created the installers for all supported language versions, as they successfully passed quality control.


Make sure to install this update for Archicad 27, as it addresses performance and documentation issues. Read the complete list of improvements on our Release Notes page here.


Update installers are available in the Updates section of our website.

The Check for Updates feature will notify you about the new version.


We wanted to let you know that starting with Archicad 27, we are changing how we name and release updates. We will focus on more frequent Hotfixes for quick bug fixes and occasional Updates that may include new features, too. Our goal is to deliver value to our clients more continuously, to provide a shorter turnaround time for fixes, and to maintain teamwork compatibility more easily. Please refer to the example list below for a clearer understanding.


New public naming system:

Archicad 27 (Archicad 27.0.0)

Archicad 27.1.0 Update

Archicad 27.1.1 Hotfix

Archicad 27.1.2 Hotfix

Archicad 27.2.0 Update

Archicad 27.2.1 Hotfix


Please note that Teamwork compatibility is kept between Hotfixes of the same Update, so you can install them at any time. However, with Updates, team members must update simultaneously to work in the same project. For example, this current Archicad 27.1.0 Update will be compatible with Archicad 27.1.1 and 27.1.2 but not with Archicad 27.2.0 or 27.2.1 or the first released version (27.0.0).

Should you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

Technical Support Team