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Graphisoft Learn survey

Dear Community Members,


We want to share some of our plans and invite you to work with us.


Based on your feedback, we realized that we can make the structure of the forums, their number, and the topics more efficient and effective. Thus, we are organizing an online workshop to put our heads together, talk, and brainstorm to design a better forum structure. We want to collect various insights, perspectives, and ideas that we can use to make the forum structure of the Community even more valuable to you in the future.


We will share the results and learnings of the workshop with the Community afterwards.


Alongside Graphisoft Team members worldwide and Community moderators, we want to invite some of you too. We have three seats for Community members in this workshop. We are looking for participants with medium or high levels of Community experience and activity. We will select participants based on their ranks and recent activity.


The workshop will be held on Friday, November 11th, at 10 am UTC and will last about three hours.

The workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams, and we will work on a Miro board. The workshop facilitators will be Renáta Jakab, Senior Product Designer, and Emőke Csikós, Customer Engagement Expert.


This workshop session will be part of an internal training about workshop facilitation. Graphisoft SE will record the entire session, thus your face, voice, and potentially your name will be part of this recording. The recording will be shared with the company providing the training to Graphisoft. The company is Papírsárkány Kft. (1118 Budapest, Gazdagréti tér 1., Hungary) who will act as data processor, while Graphisoft SE (contact person: will act as data controller. Graphisoft SE will process your personal data based on its legitimate interest.

Papírsárkány will have access to the recording retained on Graphisoft’s system (Microsoft Sharepoint) to evaluate the performance of the workshop facilitators. Its access to the recording will be revoked and the recording will be deleted within a week after November 30, 2022. With respect to your data protection rights and security measures, please visit Graphisoft’s Privacy Policy ( sections 7 and 9.

Please register for the workshop only if you accept these terms.


So, if you were ever confused about where to post or where to find your favorite topics and have good ideas on how to improve these workflows, come and work with us. If you are interested in volunteering for this workshop, please let us know in a reply here. We will let you know if you were selected to join us.





We plan to organize similar events in the future to discuss other areas of the Community that could use your valuable input. We will host these in different time zones, so if you can’t apply now, there will be other opportunities in the future.


We look forward to working with you.

The Graphisoft Community Team