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Graphisoft Talks with Péter Mohácsi and Tibor Kis

The latest episode of the Graphisoft Talk Podcast features a conversation with Péter and Tibor, both of whom hold integral roles in the Graphisoft Design Team. They share their inspiring journey from their initial interests in computer science and architecture to their current roles in Product Design.  

Discover how the design team navigates the complexities of software development, balancing user needs with business and technical requirements. Learn about their processes, from ideation to iterative development, and the continuous efforts to enhance the user experience. Péter and Tibor discuss the tools and methodologies they use, and how they stay ahead of industry trends. 

Listen to this episode to learn how the design team at Graphisoft operates. Péter and Tibor discuss the collaborative nature of their work, involving close cooperation with product management, software development, and other departments.  

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in design, innovation, and software development. Whether you're an Archicad user, a design enthusiast, or someone curious about the inner workings of a leading software company, this conversation provides valuable insights and inspiration. 

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