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Graphisoft Center Danmark just released a public beta version of DesignLCA, a plugin for Archicad 26 that facilitates EcoDesigner Star to calculate a project’s CO2 footprint throughout a given period (CO2eq/m2/year). DesignLCA calculates the Global Warming Potential as an early-stage life cycle assessment.


With this method, designers can quickly read  their projects’ CO2 footprint where both construction and operation phases are considered.


There is a Danish version of the plugin prepared to meet the Danish regulations to be implemented in 2023. There is also an international version where values and settings need to be adjusted to meet your local regulations, demands and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).


Download the international version from and give it a try. For the Danish version please visit Graphisoft Center Danmark’s webpage:


For details and feedback, join the conversation here:


The Graphisoft Community Team