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Technology Preview Program: What’s next?

Dear Community,


Thanks to everyone who joined the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023! Your feedback, insights, and dedication are invaluable in helping us improve Archicad.


Coming up next: Archicad 27 release!


Registration for the Technology Preview Program is now closed. For those who are already part of the program, please note:

  • Your assigned Technology Preview license will remain valid until October 20. After this date, the Technology Preview version of Archicad will no longer function.
  • The Archicad 27 release will take place September 27. New this year: most language versions will be released simultaneously on that date! And the rest of the languages will follow soon.
  • The released version of Archicad 27 is a separate product from the Technology Preview. To use the released version of Archicad, you must download it from Downloads and get a valid license.
  • The Technology Preview version will not work with any Archicad 27 license. But if you saved files (project files, templates, objects, etc.) from Technology Preview, you can open those files with the released version of Archicad 27.
  • For Teamwork users: If you want to continue working on a Teamwork project that you shared in the Technology Preview version, you must share it again in the released version of Archicad 27.

The Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023 user group and forum will remain open until October 20. But after the September 27 release, we invite you to continue your conversions on the regular forum boards.

If you run into any issues with your Archicad 27 license, please contact your local Graphisoft representatives.


Stay up to date with the latest innovations and product updates!


You’re invited to our upcoming Building Together | Connect - Digital Event on October 4, 2023. Get to know Graphisoft's 2023 product lineup:

  • Demos of the new releases of Archicad, DDScad, BIMcloud, and BIMx
  • Results of the Technology Preview Program, including our Community heroes who helped make this our best release ever
  • Product Roadmap updates and upcoming milestones
  • Live Q&A sessions with experts

See you in October at Building Together | Connect.