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Dear Community Members,


Our site has recently undergone some maintenance, but it was not a regular quick fix job – we’ve been working on something very exciting in the background!


The advantage of our Community is that people from around the world can gather here to help each other every day to get the most out of Graphisoft’s solutions and services. However, we know that many of you are more comfortable in your native language, so we launched a long-term project to introduce Graphisoft Community in new languages.




Bem-vindo(a) / ようこそ Graphisoft Community!


Please welcome our first two new language sites – Portuguese (Brazil) and Japanese. Our local teams have been working hard to build these sites and bring together everything that is useful for you – technical articles and forums to discuss all the hot topics and questions you may have.


Enjoy the benefits of local content, subscribe to Graphisoft Insights to learn about the latest news, and connect to your local peers to grow together!


Explore now


Do you speak Japanese or Portuguese? Are you interested in local content? Let’s explore our new sites now!


Click on the globe icon to switch between languages:


Language Switcher.jpg

Note that, if your language settings are not set to "use default", changing the language here in the switcher will affect only the content, not the website navigation. Learn more about language settings below.


Language settings


If you would like to use Graphisoft Community in just one language, go to your language preferences. Under My settings, you can choose between English, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese. The website navigation will adapt accordingly.




We are eager to see you connecting with each other and welcoming new members to Graphisoft Community!






Have fun!


The Graphisoft Community Team