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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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What is the role of a BIM Coordinator?

With the penetration of BIM in the construction industry, offices have had to adapt their structure to meet the demands of a BIM-enabled project. The CAD Manager’s responsibilities are multiplied with more complex tasks involving attributes, metadata, and the exchange of these through many file formats.

A dedicated person had to take on more responsibilities to ensure consistency and compliance with standards, and the BIM Manager role started to be required.

The BIM Manager role is now stabilized within any practice working with a BIM-enabled project.

A BIM Manager plays a strategic role by overseeing the implementation of BIM processes and standards within an organization.


What are the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of the BIM Coordinator?


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As the BIM Manager deals with these strategic decisions, new roles must be fulfilled to ensure that the BIM strategies are adhered to at a project level. Therefore, the role of a BIM Coordinator is introduced.

Overall, the BIM Manager and BIM Coordinator work together to ensure that the organization effectively and efficiently utilizes BIM processes and tools and that all stakeholders follow established BIM standards and procedures.

The BIM Manager handles any BIM-related tasks affecting the whole office. Here, you can think about creating office strategies, implementing standards, and creating the Archicad office template, BIM Manual, and BIM Execution plan. Other tasks are related to staff training on relevant standards and software, BIMcloud management, and Office Library management.

On the other hand, the BIM Coordinator will be the eyes and mind behind a specific BIM project. A BIM Coordinator will report directly to the BIM Manager and liaise with the project team, from the Project Manager to the BIM authors and BIM Users. They will be responsible for the project's everyday running. 

The BIM Coordinator’s responsibility will follow the life cycle of a project and the tasks relevant to the project’s development.


Let’s have a look at some of these tasks.


Before the start of the project

  • Translating the client’s requirements into the project files,
  • Defining the best model strategy for the project.

During the project

  • Supporting the team with any project challenge,
  • Ensuring the team is following the office strategies through quality assurance checks,
  • Ensuring that the project is ready and suitable for Coordination.



To perform and deliver all these tasks, a BIM Coordinator requires advanced Archicad knowledge and an understanding of processes and standards. They should have a deeper understanding of office BIM strategies and standards, such as the BIM Manual and Archicad Template, and the most common international standards, such as ISO 19650.



To learn more about the BIM Coordinator role, responsibilities, and tasks, sign up to the BIM Coordinator Program on Graphisoft Learn.